Baker Project Consulting

It has been great working with you and your team as well. Herren's has provided accurate reports, excellent customer service, timely billings and a great level of flexibility on all fronts as is often needed on our projects.

If I could offer criticisms I would, but I think you all have done an outstanding job and only wish our experiences around the country working on projects could all be as good as they have been at Herren's.

I would recommend you guys in a heartbeat and hope that we have further opportunities to do additional business.

Mr. Marshall Heron
Baker Project Consulting
Washington, DC. 20006

David & Nancy Schueffner

Great job in all respects

Bill Simons

We would recommend and use your firm again in a heartbeat. We thank You.

Indiana Packers

Indiana Packers President, Retired says "Great Job - Thanks"

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nelson
President, retired

Brian & Alice Hunt

We believe the men worked as fast as possible, very careful with our belongings. They didn't take breaks or anything.

Kathlene Dickerson

Thanks - Handled expediously and with experience.

Kishor Dembla

I had moved before, but the level of service and professionalism with Herren's Moving Company was exceptional.

Wabash National Corporation

Excellent move-Our best ever. Entire crew a pleasure to work with, specially that new man, Todd Herren :)

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gruebel
CEO, retired

Rich Smith

Your Team did a very good job. Thanks for the help.

Annett Valentine

Dear Russ,

I want you to know how extremely grateful Walt and I are for the tremendous care and consideration you gave to our move last week. We could not have hoped for a better situation and we have you to thank for it. There was absolutely no scratch on anything and for a move that big, I think that is quite an accomplishment!

Walt remarked several times to me how strong you are. I know he was amazed by it. In addition I think we were in awe of your cheerful and considerate attitude. There was always a quick smile even when I know it must have been a lot of hard work. We just really appreciate knowing such a gentleman.

From a woman's perspective - and I had to tell Tom the same thing - I'm so overwhelmed to have met two guys who obviously love their wives and honor them even when they aren't around to hear it. You are quite a guy! We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet you and to have had you take care of our possessions. Thank you so very, very much.

And also, the little clips for the cabinet turned up in one of the black file drawers! So it was a 100% perfect move!

Annette Valentine

Dave & Mari Mangus

Twin City Moving

I would really like to thank the two men moving us. They really took great care of our things. Keep up the great work!!

Mari Mangus

Rose, Terri & Mark Galeezin

Hi Todd,

Thank you for being there for us. We think a lot of the way you have handled this transaction for us, and your kindness. I think you deserve a raise or promoted!

Talk to you soon,
Rose, Terri & Mark Galeezin

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